We believe "The not yet exist great thoughts mean the future,"so

we insist make a great future into reality and love to challenging
any projects any imagination,any great possibility.

founder  XY JEAN

XY CHUN YU JEAN 簡君妤 is innovation and cross-boundary creative/design director. the founder and director of studio XY.

XY focus on Architectural INTERIOR/EXTERIOR design、 CIS design.

XY believes that the atmosphere and ambiance of space are perceived from the moment you enter or contact. It is therefore paramount that every detail is considered; from the outlook to the custom-designed thought.

XY Jean works on imagination in a better future by focusing on the aesthetics of living. XY focus on a better lifestyle and better life quality. We insist on designing the project with a broad imagination. To ensure the quality and characteristics of the projects, we study,  plan and design to implement each project

In our opinion, the design is like our LOGO (XY) representing the meaning of a flying bamboo dragonfly, which is free and infinitely broad and into the great future.


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